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Microsoft says Sony is more interested talking to regulators over Activision deal

Microsoft claims that Sony is more interested in talking to regulators over the attempted Activision Blizzard takeover deal.

As reported by Bloomberg (thanks VGC), Xbox chief Phil Spencer has criticised Sony’s apparent eagerness not to talk to Microsoft directly. Instead, Spencer suggests that Sony is more interested in stirring the pot with regulators.

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Sony is making life difficult for Microsoft

Since Microsoft made the first steps to acquire Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion earlier in 2022, Sony has seemingly been doing all it can to ensure that its rival doesn’t get its own way. At the front of that campaign has been Sony chief, Jim Ryan.


Sony appears concerned that Microsoft will have too much of a grip on the video game industry. Especially in regard to franchises such as Call of Duty potentially being an Xbox first-party series, not to mention its inclusion on Game Pass.

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Call of Duty deals have been offered

This is despite the fact that Microsoft stated that it would it wouldn’t be profitable for Call of Duty to be exclusive. Furthermore, Microsoft reportedly offered Sony a 10-year Call of Duty deal. The same offer was also made to Nintendo recently.

What’s more, there is also a pre-existing deal in place that restricts Call of Duty from coming to Xbox Game Pass for a number of years, even if the takeover is finalised. This is undoubtedly a very favourable deal for Sony.


However, despite Microsoft seemingly making continued efforts to reach a compromise with Sony, Phil Spencer has suggested that Sony isn’t interested in negotiating with its rival.

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Is Sony interested in negotiating with Microsoft?

There’s been one game industry participant that’s really been raising all the objections, and that’s Sony, and they’ve been fairly public about the things that don’t meet their expectations,” said Spencer.

He continued: “From where we sit, it’s clear they’re spending more time with the regulators than they are with us to try and get this deal done.


Spencer went on to mention Nintendo, referring to the recent 10-year Call of Duty deal. “Our intent is to become more relevant on more screens. We have a pretty good idea of how to build a win-win relationship with Nintendo and frankly Sony.

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The Activision deal is expected to be finalised next year

Despite regulators approving Microsoft’s attempts to acquire Activision Blizzard, there will no doubt be more bumps along the road. If all goes well for Microsoft and Activision, it is hoped that the deal will be concluded by June 2023.

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