Is this another look at GTA 6?

New GTA 6 Leak Seemingly Reveals Part Of The Game’s Map

A map from Rockstar’s unannounced GTA 6 has apparently leaked online, according to Comicbook.

woman in gta 5
Credit: Rockstar Games

Images of the GTA sequel’s map began to emerge a few years ago after an anonymous user uploaded them to 4chan. The forum’s latest leak appears to be related to three previous map segments (one, two and three) that are allegedly from the game.

While the incremental nature of the uploads is unclear, the new image appears to be the second half of the first, which makes the leak feel like a jigsaw puzzle.

The map itself features a large body of land accompanied by a few surrounding islands. This has led some to believe that the map could be Vice City, which ties into other GTA 6 rumours.

Now that we seemingly have the second half of the map, it appears that the image depicts three large landmasses featuring multiple large cities surrounded by smaller islands.

It’s worth mentioning that while the leak does tie into other significant rumours about GTA 6, it’s unclear whether the maps are legit. While some pretty impressive leaks have come from anonymous 4chan users in the past, the site is known for falsified information. That being said, if the images are fakes, a lot of work has gone into making them look like the real deal.

gta 5 image
Credit: Rockstar Games

Despite various leaks and rumours, Rockstar has remained tight-lipped about its next big crime caper. Therefore, it’s probably best to take any GTA 6 rumours with the usual grain of salt.

While GTA 6 doesn’t currently have a release date, Rockstar is likely gearing up to make its big reveal. That being said, the developer is also apparently busy remaking the likes of GTA 3, Vice City and Red Dead Redemption.

gta vice city image
Credit: Rockstar Games

Therefore, we might have to wait a little longer before finally stepping foot in the next part of Rockstar’s sandbox saga.

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Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games