Oculus founder is blown away by PSVR2

The Oculus founder, Palmer Luckey is blown away by Sony’s PSVR2 after going hands-on with the PlayStation device at CES.

Luckey was responding to a post by the Head of Independent Developer Initiative at Sony Interactive Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida. The post in question was in relation to the upcoming PSVR2.

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The PSVR2 has the seal of approval from the Oculus founder

I was blown away when I used PSVR 2 recently,” tweeted Luckey. “The first PSVR was arguably the biggest success of the generation, this version will do even better.

What’s more, Yoshida thanked Luckey in turn for his kind words on Sony’s newest virtual reality headset coming to the PlayStation 5 next month.

Will the PSVR2 be a success?

The original PSVR launched for the PlayStation 4 in 2016. It came with a launch price of £349.99/$399.99 and sold over five million units worldwide. While offering some fun games such as Resident Evil 7, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Beat Saber and more, interest seemingly dwindled.

However, with an increased launch price of £529.99/$549.99, the PSVR2 is a beast in terms of specifications compared to its predecessor. The PSVR2 has a resolution of 2000×2040 per eye, a 110-degree field-of-view, as well as a 90hz to 120hz to name but a few.

Furthermore, Sony is seemingly going all out with the launch titles on offer, with the likes of Horizon Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil Village, and Gran Turismo 7.

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When is the PSVR2 release date?

The PlayStation VR2 releases next month, worldwide on February 22nd, 2023.

Finally, will you be picking up the PSVR2? Let us know your plans across our social media channels.

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