Rockstar Teases Fans With ‘Bully 2 Reference’ Found In GTA Online

There’s been a lot of buzz recently about a potential sequel to the iconic Rockstar Games title, Bully.

First we heard it might be happening, then we heard it was happening but was actually cancelled years ago, and either Rockstar just likes to make us cry, or the company is actually teasing us.

Credit: Rockstar Games

What appears to be a reference to Bully has been spotted in the new casino that was recently opened in Grand Theft Auto Online, and once again it’s fuelling the fire of a revival for Bully.

Along with the recently-added GTA casino comes penthouses, and with penthouses comes a lot of new options and features, including the ability to decorate your new abode.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Interestingly, one of these wall prints bears the name “Canis Canem Edit,” which is the name that Bully was released under in the EU [via Dexerto].

Is this just an Easter egg, or is Rockstar potentially hinting a return to the iconic game…?

Back in February this year, a supposed (unconfirmed) Rockstar developer commented on a YouTube video about the game, writing that yes, it’s in development.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Before that, a leaked casting call made its way to the internet, where it was suggested that Rockstar was hiring actors for a new Bully project.

Whether or not we’re getting Bully 2 remains to be seen. If it does ever make its way to store shelves, we can definitely expect a tamer and more toned-down title than the 2006 release.

Rockstar Games is known for being very risqué when it comes to its titles, but Bully is pretty much as far away from politically correct as it’s possible to get…

Right now it seems that Rockstar is hard at work on the next Grand Theft Autogame, so we might not be seeing Bully 2 for a while…if ever.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games