Sony Is About To Buy Square Enix, New Rumour Claims

According to a rumour, it is believed that Sony could be about to buy out Square Enix in what would be another huge industry acquisition.

In recent months we’ve already seen Microsoft buy Bethesda and Activision Blizzard, as well as Sony acquiring Halo and Destiny developer, Bungie. More recently, THQ Nordic parent company Embracer Group acquired Square Enix’s western studios including Crystal Dynamics.

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However, if new rumours are to be believed, Square Enix could be about to sell more of its properties. As reported by Push Square, former IGN journalist and host of the Kinda Funny podcast Greg Miller believes that a deal could be likely.

When I talked about the three rumours I’d heard, and one was an acquisition, this is the one I’d heard,” said Miller on his ‘PS I Love You’ show. “I heard that PlayStation was acquiring Square and I heard that from multiple different sources.

Take rumours with a pinch of salt

That being said, Greg Miller did make the point of taking rumours with a pinch of salt. Furthermore, he also stated that these recent rumours could have been confused with the Embracer Group acquisition.

Was it that Square was trying to sell their Western studios and that was the rumour? Take everything with a grain of salt. That is what I’d heard, though, that PlayStation was trying to buy Square.

However, while I totally agree about taking rumours with a pinch of salt, Sony buying out Square Enix does make a lot of sense. 

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Ever since the first PlayStation launched in the mid-90s, Sony has had a fantastic relationship with Square Enix. More recently, the timed-console exclusivity with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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Featured Image Credit: Square Enix