The Last of Us Remake comparison video is the most detailed yet

The Last of Us remake comparison video quite possibly shows off the most detailed graphical improvements yet for the Naughty Dog classic.

We’re less than a month away until The Last of Us: Part 1 releases for PlayStation 5. This is a remake of the original game which launched for the PS3 in 2013. Before arriving as a remastered version for PS4 in 2014.

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Some PlayStation fans have fairly criticised the existence of this remake with claims of it being a simple cash grab. After all, when The Last of Us: Remastered was released in 2014, Naughty Dog had a good argument.

The original game is widely considered to be one of the best games of its generation. Unfortunately, it perhaps never reached a wide audience as it deserved for PS3. So, when the remastered version launched for PS4, it meant that more players got to play this classic.

Why is The Last of Us remake happening?

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Credit: Naughty Dog

However, what’s the key argument for the existence of the PS5 remake? From what I can tell, Naughty Dog’s best argument is that due to the PS5 capabilities, the developer can realise its true version. It’s not as compelling as the case made for the remaster in 2014, but it is what it is.

Ever since The Last of Us remake was officially announced in June, Naughty Dog has released a short series of gameplay clips comparing the older and newer version of the game. 

To be fair, these short comparison videos probably give us a better insight into the remake’s improvements than its announcement trailer as well as the extended gameplay preview ever had.

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Credit: Naughty Dog

This Last of Us remake comparison is the best yet

However, the latest comparison clip is quite possibly the best comparison yet and if you were unsure of how good the improvements might be, hopefully, this 14-second video will help shred some doubts.

I won’t go into spoiler territory, so don’t worry too much about reading on. That being said, the comparison video in question takes place in the very early moments of The Last of Us story, just as the Cordyceps pandemic breaks out.

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Credit: Naughty Dog

The clip features Joel, his daughter Sarah and his brother Tommy fleeing their small town in Texas. During their attempted evacuation, they pass a neighbour’s farmhouse. Sadly, for those neighbours, their house is on fire with no evidence that they made it out alive.

Are you impressed by the latest comparison video?

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After watching the comparison video a few times over, the improvements to the fire especially are very clear to see. Take a look for yourself and let us know if you’re happy with the visual improvements across our social media channels.

The Last of Us: Part 1 will release for PlayStation 5 on September 2nd, 2022 and for PC at a later date. You can pre-order The Last of Us: Part 1 for £63.95 on PS5.

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