This Impressive Dark Souls Cosplay Took 9 Months To Create

One Dark Souls fan has managed to make a ridiculously impressive Black Knight cosplay suit (thanks, TheGamer).

Dark Souls is full of great and imposing character designs. One such design is the Black Knight. The towering swordsmen are an enemy NPC you will encounter pretty early on in the game. If you aren’t careful, you’ll probably find the YOU DIED text appears quite quickly when you encounter one.

Now, cosplayer Damagedcosplays has made Dark Souls cosplay so good we’d believe it if it was from a film. 

According to a Reddit post from Damagedcosplays showing the suit off, the entire thing is made from EVA foam. Though this doesn’t include the shield, which has a wooden frame. EVA foam is a great material to work with, as it’s usage is very versatile. And clearly Damagedcosplays knew how to use it just right. It took them about nine months to make, and has an estimated cost of €200-€300. 

Credit: Damagedcosplays/ FromSoftware

Cosplay is an incredibly difficult thing to get right. It’s frequently done by individuals with not nearly enough time or money. But sometimes, people can create excellent quality cosplays all by themselves. Some make cosplays so good they’re indistinguishable from the game they’re from, like this Death Stranding cosplay.

Others like to mix it up a bit, like this cosplayer who fused Isabelle from Animal Crossing and Doom Guy. And occasionally, fans take cosplay to the digital realm, because sometimes you don’t have the materials at hand.

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Featured Image Credit: Damagedcosplays/ FromSoftware