The Best Magic Games You Need To Play Right Now

What are the best magic games? There’s something extremely satisfying about wielding magic in video games that keeps players coming back for more. Combining effects to devastate on the battlefield, brandishing a spell scroll to solve a puzzle, or mixing potions to heal and harm: being the wizard you secretly always wanted to be feels fantastic.

Let’s take a look at the best magic games you should be playing to hit that sorcery high, from the inimitable Elder Scrolls: Morrowind to the pixel madness of Noita.

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The Best Magic Games You Should Be Playing

best magic games morrowind

1. The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind – best magic games

Few games have ever done magic as well as The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind. Like later entries in this RPG series, magic is an area you can choose to specialise in (and you really should), with spells falling under familiar categories like Illusion, Destruction and Restoration. Where Morrowind shines is in the sheer level of customisation you can achieve through your magical ability, because there’s nothing quite like blasting enemies off the map with a spell you’ve created from scratch. Make sure to pick the right birthsign and race for maximum efficiency for all those fireballs. 

best magic games blade and sorcery

2. Blade & Sorcery – best magic games

Built for VR from the ground up, Blade & Sorcery is a physics-based hack and slash that shows off what VR gaming can bring to the table: that is, the ability to become the bane of medieval NPCs everywhere. Choose from purple, red or blue spells (gravity, fire and electric respectively) as you run amok and commit the Monty Python-esque castle rampage you’ve always wanted. It’s not a particularly deep system, but you can slam a gravity-imbued staff into the ground and throw enemies in the air, which is about as cool as magic gets.

best magic games divinity

3. Divinity: Original Sin II – best magic games

The closest video game we have to the classic pen-and-paper RPG, Divinity: Original Sin II continues the tabletop tradition of giving you a bunch of spells and letting your character go wild. Sometimes (often, in my case) this is to your explosive detriment, but when you do manage to sling off the right spell at the right time, the game perfectly captures that epic moment when a DM goes “sure, you can do that”. Play as an Elementalist, Terramancer or other in-depth Mage builds in this engaging RPG.

best magic games little witch in the woods

4. Little Witch in the Woods – best magic games

By far the cutest entry in our list, Little Witch in the Woods sees you play an adorable apprentice witch as she practises spells, puts together potions and befriends the magical inhabitants of the nearby village. As it’s an early access title there are still a few rough edges, but the artstyle, story progression and overall atmosphere are wonderfully relaxing in their current state. Mixing potions and gathering ingredients has Stardew Valley vibes, though unlike Pelican Town’s resident wizard there’s no secret magical lovechild (yet).

best magic games magicka 2

5. Magicka 2

A weird and wonderful wizard simulator with a dynamic spellcasting system, Magicka 2 is the story of stupid yet overpowered wizards on a quest to rid the world of evil. The best magic game to play alongside friends (crossing the streams never gets old), you can choose safe or friendly-fire co-op modes for hilarious magical havoc. A truly chaotic take on wizardry, players need to memorise specific elemental combos to successfully pull off their magicks. If you enjoy this, play its predecessor, which manages to be even sillier.

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