The Best VR Games To Play Right Now

Virtual reality gaming is amazing. It’s a new way to play through familiar experiences, or to present entirely new formats never before possible in video games. And it’s still in its infancy, with many new innovations coming all the time. If you’ve been looking for a list of the best VR games to play right now, you should take a look at our handy list below.

half-life alyx
Credit: Valve


Valve shook the FPS industry with its innovative, original and gravity-defying Half-Life series back in the late ‘90s and mid-00s, and now it’s doing the exact same as one of the best VR games with its Half-Life 2 prequel. Half-Life Alyx uses its VR systems to allow you to interact with objects and fight enemies, but the game is so well-thought out in regards to how it lets you interact with the environment. Every single decision Valve made here seeks to combat the common problems associated with VR; motion sickness, room size, body size etc. have all been cleverly designed to provide an accessible entry to VR. Combine that with its brilliant writing and performances, and you have VR’s killer app.

Credit: SUPERHOT Team


Superhot was already a very popular and successful title in its own right back when it first appeared as a traditional FPS. But the conversion to VR has us convinced this is exactly how the game was meant to be played in the first place. In a game where ‘time moves only when you do’, how better to demonstrate the appeal of this premise than by actually having you physically move around your living room? Superhot VR is incredibly tough, and will have you working up a sweat in no time as you dodge, duck and dive out of the way of oncoming bullets, whilst also making you feel like a complete badass in the process. It’s the best VR shooter on the market.

Credit: Beat Games


If you got a virtual reality headset for fitness purposes, look no further. Beat Saber is a rhythm game where you hold two lightsabers and you have to slice sequences of coloured blocks to the beat of a song. Beat Saber is definitely a game that’ll grow on you the more you play it. Find the right track, tweak the settings to your liking and let loose. While the small music library (which can only be expanded via paid DLC) is a shame, the game provides such a big rush that makes it a best entry point to VR.

Credit: Skydance Interactive


Zombie games are a little “been there, done that” nowadays but every so often a decent one manages to turn up unexpectedly. The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners has little relation to the popular AMC show, but it might just be the best representation of how to do a good zombie game in VR. Sticking your knife into a zombie’s skull and having to forcibly pull it out feels extremely realistic and keeps with the feeling of the show. Meanwhile, being cornered by a horde of walkers and having to manually reload your gun bullet-by-bullet is intense and terrifying. It’s easily one of the best VR horror games right now.

Credit: Steel Crate Games


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes works as one of the few VR co-op games that only requires one headset. One player is defusing a bomb, another has the manual to assist them. Only shenanigans can ensue. While the game doesn’t have as much longevity as other titles on this list, it’s easily one of the more fun titles to get non-VR fans involved with. Put your headset on and get your nan to walk you through it. Or perhaps split your party into two teams and have a competition to see which team can defuse it quicker.

Credit: Crytek


Crytek’s The Climb isn’t perfectly built for everyone, but it’s an enjoyable experience nonetheless. In it, you climb up cliffsides and mountains in a variety of locations around the world. For all its limitations, it does a neat job of emulating the bouldering experience. Despite hardly any real movement during your climb, reaching the top of a summit can still make you feel like you’ve broken a sweat. Just be careful about playing this for long sessions, as you may hurt your neck.

Those are our picks for the best VR video games to play right now. What do you think is the best VR game? Let us know on our social channels!


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Featured Image Credit: SUPERHOT Team