GameByte’s Indie Games Of The Year 2020

2020 is (finally) coming to a close, and while it’s been an exciting year for AAA gaming, it’s also been a huge year for indie games. For the first time, we’re recognising our favourite indie game with GameByte’s Indie Games of the Year! Which deserving games will make the cut? Let’s find out!

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Here at GameByte we’ve recently put a new focus onto the latest releases and upcoming indie games, which we’ve shared across social media every Sunday as part of what we call #IndieGame Sunday.

We’ve played some fantastic indie games this year, making it really difficult to decide on just one. We’ve seen re-releases of classic games like No More Heroes 1 and 2 come to Nintendo Switch, while multiplayers like Fall Guys have keep us connected with friends during lockdown. Gems like Röki have captivated both our hearts and our imaginations, while Chicken Police: Paint It Red has challenged our expectations.

GameByte’s Indie Games of the Year have been decided by the team. We chose our three favourite indie games released in 2020 based on our own enjoyment. So without further ado, here are our picks for GameByte’s Indie Games of the Year!

Indie Game Of The Year: Hades (SUPERGIANT GAMES)

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Credit: Supergiant Games

Roguelike action role-playing game Hades has become one of the biggest indie games of the year, and it absolutely deserves to be one of our Indie Games of the Year!

We chose Hades as one of our IGOTY thanks to its incredibly addictive gameplay, wonderful combat and excellent progression systems.

“Roguelikes definitely aren’t my go-to genre,” says Lara Jackson, GameByte journalist. “But Hades truly has something special to offer its players.

“The game’s incredible story is just the tip of a very big Ancient Greek-shaped iceberg, which is about as flawless as a video game can get. Everything from the voice acting to the art style, from the fluid combat to the tongue-in-cheek writing, marks Hades as a must-play game which is more than deserving of my Indie Game of the Year!”

Indie Game of The Year: Coffee Talk (TOGE PRODUCTIONS)

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Credit: Toge Productions

We’ve already talked about Coffee Talk, but it’s a game that’s full of heart, soul and steaming cups of joe, making it more than worthy of a place on this list.

We chose Coffee Talk as one of GameByte’s Indie Games of the Year because it’s heartwarming, it’s unique and it isn’t afraid to challenge what a video game can be.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Coffee Talk is the video game equivalent of a warm drink on a snowy winters eve,” says Sara Heritage, GameByte’s Social Media Executive. “This gorgeous little indie game from Toge Productions is my go-to game whenever I need to calm my anxiety.

“I’m a huge frequenter of local, independent coffee shops in my area, but, due to the coronavirus pandemic, my favourite places have been shut down. This game is a perfect substitute (and a lot cheaper). With its 90’s anime-inspired pixel art style, a soft and calming selection of lo-fi music, and its gorgeous, chill vibes-inducing colour palette, Coffee Talk is a sanctuary from the state of the world in 2020.

“This coffee-brewing and heart-to-heart talking simulator has a simple premise, but it’s THE game to play when you want to unwind. It’s set in a fantasy-inspired world, filled with modern peoples’ problems, depicting lives as humanly as possible while having a cast that is more than just humans. I won’t spoil it for you, but this game is an experience that makes you think, feel, and rests both your body and your soul.”

INDIE GAME OF THE YEAR: Murder by numbers (mediatonic)

image from murder by numbers
Credit: The Irregular Corporation

Wrapping up our Indie Games of the Year list is Murder By Numbers, a game which has sadly been overlooked by many during 2020. While Fall Guys may have been the heavy-hitter for Mediatonic this year, it’s Murder By Numbers which scores a place on our list.

“What indie game have I enjoyed the most this year? Which one has stood out as something I love? There’s been a lot of great games I’ve played. Paradise Killer being the latest one that’s got its claws in me, a wonderful detective game with lots of interesting characters to talk to,” says GameByte’s own Brett Claxton.

“In fact, it’s the world of visual novels and detective games that have interested me the most this year. Games like Necrobarista and Coffee Talk piqued my interest but time has unfortunately not been on my side when it comes to play them just yet.

“Then there’s a particular game from Mediatonic. Although Fall Guys has rightfully seen the company see a lot of love in recent months its one of their other releases this year that wins my pick for indie game of the year. Murder By Numbers.

“Murder By Numbers gives me something I never knew I wanted. Phoenix Wright with Picross-like puzzles. A fun script with a good sense of humour, great music, wonderful characters all come together to claim the title of my Indie Game of the Year.”

What do you think of our pick for GameByte’s Indie Games of the Year 2020? Let us know by filling in the form at the top of the page. Make sure to sign up to our newsletter too!

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