Games Like Elden Ring, For Elden Lords

What are the best games like Elden Ring? So, you’ve become the Elden Lord (or not, thanks Ranni) and restored order to the Lands Between. But what’s next on your gaming list? With its mix of dark fantasy, open world and Souls game challenge Elden Ring might be a hard act to follow, but there are plenty of other fantastic options that hit some – or all – of those highs.

Check out our picks for games like Elden Ring, and step into another immersive gaming experience that’ll have you losing track of time. Turtle dogs not guaranteed.

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Games Like Elden Ring, For Elden Lords

Games Like Elden Ring nioh 2

Nioh 2 – games like elden ring

Play as a shiftling warrior – half human, half yōkai – in Nioh 2, a gripping action RPG set in Japan’s Warring States period. Like the name suggests, there’s a lot of fighting to be had in this era, and your character Hide unleashes their inner darkness as they battle yōkai and other devilish creatures with the kind of hardcore combat you’d expect from developers Team Ninja. A must-play for fans of devious boss fights, demonic overtones, and Oda Nobunaga. Play this and the original Nioh for satisfying samurai slashing.

Games Like Elden Ring blasphemous

Blasphemous – games like elden ring

A brutal action-platformer set in a nightmarish world, Blasphemous leans into the religious aesthetic with relish. The Penitent One – that’s you – is trapped in a cycle of rebirth, charging across a barbaric pixel-art landscape in order to change their fate. This is a dark game, with twisted creatures that’ll appeal to fans of Elden Ring’s more malevolent enemies and NPCs, and though the art style couldn’t be more different there are plenty of similarities in just how grim Blasphemous can get. Prepare to get reincarnated a lot.

Games Like Elden Ring shadow of war

Middle-earth: Shadow of War – games like elden ring

Slay your nemeses in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, the action RPG based on Tolkien’s legendarium, and climb your way to the top of an unsteady hierarchy. If you like the rich fantasy of Elden Ring then the story of Middle-earth will appeal – Tolkien is the undisputed king of high fantasy, after all – and the brutality of the orcs will sate those looking for a bloodthirsty combat experience. The pioneering Nemesis System is back, and watching your enemies squabble with one another is just as entertaining as it was in the first game.

Games Like Elden Ring code vein

Code Vein

Rise to the challenge in Code Vein, a decidedly anime take on games like Elden Ring. But if you’re expecting cuteness you’ll be sorry; Code Vein’s post-apocalyptic, horror fantasy setting is equally as dark and bewitching as that of the Lands Between, with a healthy amount of undead blood drinking thrown into the mix. Moving around the world will feel familiar: you traverse strange regions cautiously, building your skills until you can navigate from A to C without dying at B. On-the-go class switching allows for great experimentation against tougher enemies.

Games Like Elden Ring the witcher 3

The Witcher 3

One of the most popular open world RPGs for a reason, The Witcher 3 is the perfect game for riding around on your (un)trusty steed and experiencing what the story throws at you. Sure, Geralt’s head-on approach to situations might not translate to your Tarnished’s cautiousness, but the lands of the Northern Realms are the detailed, busy open world that many of us crave after a solitary time in Elden Ring. There’s an abundance of gruesome monsters and dank caves for that forbidding feeling, too.

Stick around for more games like Elden Ring, from the master of exploration Breath of the Wild, to our pick for your next Souls game to master.