The best games like Stardew Valley

Here are the rest of our selections for the best games like Stardew Valley!

6. Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

There may only be one crop to cultivate in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin (no prizes for guessing what it is) but the farming mechanics are detailed, involved, and accompanied by the ability to ‘dual-wield’ a cat and dog in Sakuna’s arms as she explores. What’s not to enjoy? Fans of the Story of Seasons franchise will enjoy playing as Harvest Goddess instead of adoring farmer, but the game is most like Stardew Valley in its split between hack and slash combat (presented here in a 2.5D style) and farming back in the safety of Sakuna’s hamlet.  

7. Travellers Rest

Winemaking and beer brewing are beloved moneymakers in Stardew Valley, and tavern management simulator Travellers Rest refines this mechanic into a delicious mix of crafting, cultivating and reputation-building in a pixel art world with plenty of medieval charm. Currently in Early Access, Travellers Rest is one of the best games like Stardew Valley when it comes to overall visual and audio aesthetic. Decorate your tavern, accommodate your guests and turn your fortune around in this delightful game, though bear in mind there’s still plenty of development left to go!

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8. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

While there’s no farming per se in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it’s one of the best games like Stardew Valley thanks to its escapism, decoration mechanics and ability to achieve goals free-reign and under the player’s own steam. If you enjoy creating the perfect kitchen on your farm or are guilty of leaving rocks in attractive places, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will scratch that itch and then some, with the addition of incredibly hilarious villagers, an ominous businessman, and seasonal festivals tied to the real world calendar.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available for £42.95 from the GameByte Shop.

9. Littlewood

Littlewood is a “what next?” take on the life of a hero after saving the world, if the hero’s plan included settling down, learning new hobbies and peacefully rearranging the local area to their liking. As with Stardew Valley, much of the gameplay is centred around making friends with the locals and seeing to their needs, with the pleasant addition of having them accompany you as you (re)explore the world of Solemn. Beautifully brightly coloured and with a surprisingly deep collect / craft / personalise loop, Littlewood has that addictive quality that all the best games like Stardew Valley thrive on.

10. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Load into the farm and it’s immediately obvious that Harvest Moon: Back to Nature shares a lot of similarities with Stardew Valley. Originally released on PS1 in 1999, this is one of the games that directly inspired Stardew Valley, and along with being developer Eric Barone’s personal favourite the game is considered one of the greatest farm / life simulators of all time. With its three-year timeline, irritating mayor and farm conveniently gifted by a benevolent grandfather, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature features many tropes we know and love from the genre. A much-missed rival marriage system lends surprising depth to the people of Mineral Town.

That’s all for our list of the best games like Stardew Valley. Did we miss your fave? Let us know!

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