The Best Strategy Games To Sink Your Teeth Into

Here are the rest of our picks for the best strategy games!

6. Triangle Strategy

Enjoy a more casual approach to strategy games with Triangle Strategy, a Switch exclusive tactical RPG set in a world warring over scarce resources. If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics then this is the best strategy game to try right now: the combat is deeply satisfying, the story sufficiently full of plot twists and complexities, and the art style heavily inspired by other Square Enix titles. Being able to pick up and play for short bursts of time works heavily in the game’s favour, though beware of long cutscenes.

7. Anno 1800

Devise the city of your business magnate dreams in Anno 1800, a return to form for this city-building RTS giant. With its deeply Victorian aesthetic and gameplay revolving around balancing industry with attractiveness, Anno 1800 offers a multisession experience themed around the Industrial Revolution and its associated pollution problems. You can create some truly huge urban areas here, though you’ll need to carefully balance tourist draws with production chains to ensure your population thrives. Several expansions open up more of the Old and New worlds to further trade (and colonise).

8. Civilization VI

A behemoth of 4X gaming, Sid Meier’s Civilization series could have several entries on this list alone, but Civilization VI is our choice for one of the best strategy games thanks to its huge volume of interacting systems, excellent expansion packs and new features that revitalise gameplay. Your cities now physically expand across the map, which has been redesigned to be more dynamic and challenging than ever before. Civilization VI adds a lot of new features and mechanics, but longtime fans of the series shouldn’t be too worried, as it blends them seamlessly with what we know and love.

9. Into The Breach

With its vibrant pixel art style, kaiju-smashing combat and bite-sized game board, Into The Breach is a deceptively deep tactical strategy game, where you’ll fight for your life and feel great when you get out alive. Made by the creators of the ever-popular FTL game, Into The Breach sees you defend cities from giant monsters, with the randomly-generated maps and its clever rule interactions toffering tonnes of replayability. A game full of balancing acts, but it very rarely feels unfair, especially with the ability to send help to save another timeline.

10. Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection

Relive the genre-defining RTS experience in Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection, 4K remasters of the first two Command & Conquer titles with bonus footage and a modernised UI. An essential for fans of tactical warfare, these are two of the best strategy games ever released, and this excellent remaster includes the expansion packs, even more cheesy FMV footage, and previously console-only content on PC. Play for nostalgia reasons or try it out for the first time: there’s also an overhauled multiplayer system for thrashing your mates like the LAN parties of 1997. Welcome back, Commander.

And that’s our picks for the best strategy games to sink your teeth into! Find your new faction, or still adrift without a fleet? Let us know your choices over on our socials.

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